This Week’s Writing Plan for RN2

What this really means is my writing plan for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday since Monday and today are long on-campus days that all about meetings, teaching, and office hours. Waah.  The only writing I can do today is this kind of reflection and list-making — which nevertheless serves a purpose.


  1. Re-read Chapter 1 draft
  2. Cut and paste into Scrivener
  3. Cut and paste Chapter 2 draft into Scrivener
  4. Start rewriting Chapter 2

I’ll break down Chapter 2 into more distinct tasks tomorrow once I revisit it, but it’s been a long time since I looked at it, and I’ll have some decisions to make about scenes and how I want to proceed at this point.

Actually, I don’t have to get ready to leave for campus for an hour and a half or so. Perhaps I can make some headway on tomorrow’s tasks to day.

Giving it a whirl!




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