Scheduling Writing Dates

As I've already mentioned, I'm someone who benefits from calendaring my time, particularly as I juggle not only my university obligations (teaching, scholarship, service, and administration) but academic writing with romance writing. (I've committed to the latter, but some scholarly writing is still on my docket.) If I don't schedule carefully and commit, it (whatever … Continue reading Scheduling Writing Dates

Synopsis v. 1 for Romance Novel 2

I write contemporary big-city romance. I'm jumping into RN2 (untitled) with a vengeance. When Rafe Donovan, San Francisco business magnate, meets boutique owner Jennifer O’Malley, their chemistry is electric. Only thing is, Jen’s the one obstacle between him and the successful acquisition of a valuable block of property for his family’s real estate empire. Without … Continue reading Synopsis v. 1 for Romance Novel 2