Scheduling Writing Dates

As I’ve already mentioned, I’m someone who benefits from calendaring my time, particularly as I juggle not only my university obligations (teaching, scholarship, service, and administration) but academic writing with romance writing. (I’ve committed to the latter, but some scholarly writing is still on my docket.)

If I don’t schedule carefully and commit, it (whatever “it” is) will simply not get done.

Mondays and Tuesdays this term are my heavy on-campus days, and I’m not going to be able to devote time to writing of any kind (except blogging to keep the words flowing — hence this post) on these days.

As we’re still at the very start of the fall semester, I may find that Wednesdays through Fridays get a bit loaded up here and there with unavoidable commitments (e.g., the occasional committee meeting or appointment), but these are days in which writing — barring disaster — will sacrosanct. Saturday and Sunday as well (though yes, I do have a personal life, and it gets some attention and loving care also).

This doesn’t mean I won’t have to alternate between writing and, say, grading on these dedicated days, but it does mean that writing will be my first work priority, and I’ll be able to spend several hours each day at it, however I schedule those hours.

I’ll stay up late if necessary (well …) or get up early (that’s more like it: my brain is fresher). The point is, I’ll do what I need to in order to Get Things Done.

This is the first full week of the term.  A Monster Monday. Tomorrow? A post that prioritizes my writing tasks for Wednesday.


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