I Return

No, I haven’t been away from writing since Labor Day, I haven’t even been away from the writing of RN2 since Monday, but university tasks have kept me away from blogging for a brief time.

Yesterday, for example, I was going to take 15 minutes to finalize a grant application (I’ve already written about the grant here), fire it off to The Powers That Be, and turn to writing me some romance.

Didn’t happen that way.

Turns out the application forms had been created with malfunctioning fields. I used to work as an executive admin back in another life, so I was able to go in and fix them — after a great deal of time and effort. Not Part of My Job Description these days, but I did it.

A few hours later I returned to my original endeavor of putting the finishing touches on my applications — and realized to my horror that I’d filled out an application for the wrong grant.

Really??? Really.  This is not usually the kind of mistake because I’m too anal for that.

Fortunately, once I’d cursed a bit and taken a deep breath, I determined that the grant I should apply for had a form that was fully functional (thankyoubabyjesus) and also that I could cut and paste a lot of material from my original application to this one.

Long and (excessively boring) story short, I did, indeed, finish the grant app and send it off yesterday afternoon. This one I even think I have a good shot at getting.

But by that point in the day, my brain had turned to mush, and I was able only to tinker with prose in RN2, not generate much new stuff.

And that irked me.

This afternoon is different, however, and write I shall because write I must.

Into the fray …




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